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Python Seawater

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This is a Python re-write of the CSIRO seawater toolbox (SEAWATER-3.3) for calculating the properties of sea water. The package uses the formulas from Unesco’s joint panel on oceanographic tables and standards, UNESCO 1981 and UNESCO 1983 (EOS-80).

The EOS-80 library is considered now obsolete; it is provided here for compatibility with old scripts, and to allow a smooth transition to the new TEOS-10.

Before you start

The default output unit for sw.dist in the Python version is ‘km’ instead of ‘nm’ as in the MatlabTM version.

Also, we assume pressure as the first dimension, i.e. M pressure by N positions (See the table below). The MatlabTM version performs a series of guessing at that we simply ignored to avoid confusions.

10 34.5487 28.7856
50 34.7275 28.4329
125 34.8605 22.8103
250 34.6810 10.2600
600 34.5680 6.8863
1000 34.5600 4.4036
. . .
. . .
. . .

Check out the script to test the Python library against an available MatlabTM library (all inside Python via the oct2py package). The current version was tested against seawater v3.3.

>>> python ./path_to_sewater_toolbox

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