Easier migration from Boostrap 2 to Boostrap 3




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Easier migration from Boostrap 2 to Boostrap 3

b2tob3 is a command line tool to help migrate Web projects from bootstrap 2 to bootstrap 3 by performing a set of replacements that reflect bootstrap 3 class name changes.

b2tob3 searches all files ending in .html, .htm, .css or .js in the current directory and its subdirectories. You can specify the working directory with the d option like b2tob3 -d /path/to/dir.

b2tob3 does not fully automate migration, but it takes away some of the tedious work. Still, you’ll most likely need to perform manual fixes too.


pip install b2tob3


cd /project/html/

Follow these steps to avoid frustration:

  • Put your HTML/template files under version control, if they aren’t yet.
  • Change to the directory with the files containing Boostrap 2 specific markup.
  • Run the b2tob3 script once and only once.
  • Review the changes with a diff tool suitable for the version control system you use.
  • Perform the rest of the necessary changes manually.


  • Let me know about bugs by posting an issue.
  • Help reduce the manual work by improving the code.
  • Write tests.


Thanks to @demiurg for adding more robust replacements and command line options.