Installation on Linux

Ubuntu 16.04 Instructions

We will use a virtual python environment to install arcade.

apt update && sudo apt install -y python3-dev python3-pip libjpeg-dev zlib1g-dev
sudo pip3 install virtualenv virtualenvwrapper
virtualenv ~/.virtualenvs/arcade -p python3
source ~/.virtualenvs/arcade/bin/activate
pip install arcade

In order for sound to work we need to install avbin from here:

Download the AVbin 11-alpha4 version. Be sure to download the correct architecture.

cd Download/Location
chmod +x install-avbin-linux-x86-64-v11alpha4 #You may have a different architecture
sudo ./install-avbin-linux-x86-64-v11alpha4

Issues with avbin?

The libavbin items help with sound. There is an issue getting this library on newer versions of Ubuntu.

sudo apt-get install -y libasound2