When given a ListTables, the connection will return a ListTablesResponse:

>>> r = connection(ListTables())
>>> r
<LowVoltage.actions.list_tables.ListTablesResponse ...>
>>> r.table_names
[u'LowVoltage.Tests.Doc.1', u'LowVoltage.Tests.Doc.2']

See also the iterate_list_tables() compound. And Actions vs. compounds in the user guide.

class ListTablesResponse

The ListTables response.


The name of the last table that was considered during the request. If not None, you should give it to exclusive_start_table_name() in a subsequent ListTables.

The iterate_list_tables() compound does that for you.

Type:None or string

The names of the tables.

Type:None or list of string
class ListTables

The ListTables request.


Set Limit. The response will contain at most this number of table names.

>>> r = connection(ListTables().limit(1))
>>> r.table_names
>>> r.last_evaluated_table_name

Set ExclusiveStartTableName. The response will contains tables that are after this one. Typically the last_evaluated_table_name of a previous response.

The iterate_list_tables() compound does that for you.

>>> connection(
...   ListTables()
...     .exclusive_start_table_name("LowVoltage.Tests.Doc.1")
... ).table_names